Bear Claw Drywall Repair Clips

The RYOBI four” Drywall Restore Kit is a new, innovative approach to restore drywall easily without calling knowledgeable or investing in an abundance of supplies. Safe the patch by driving two 1/4-inch drywall screws via every metal clip — one screw through the surrounding wall and another by way of the patch (step three). Be sure the screwheads are set barely under the floor without breaking the paper.

Drywall repair is just not something most people stay up for. Though it’s relatively easy in theory, if in case you have ever performed it then you already know that the dry time of the mud and all the dust created by sanding can turn the duty into a giant problem.

Start by fastidiously eradicating loose bits of gypsum and drywall paper from the broken space (step 1). Then, peel off the backing paper from the disk and press the disk to the wall directly over the dent (step 2). That’s all there may be to it. Should you like, paint the disk to match your wall (step 3).

Next, use a pointy utility knife to rigorously lower away the mesh that’s masking the front of the electrical box (step 2). Use …